Sunday, 19 December 2004

Old Friends

Just got back from an exhausting but very enjoyable weekend criss-crossing northern France. Spent yesterday in Rouen, which is somewhere we haven't been before. Absolutely beautiful, a city we must definitely return to. Very "christmassy", and of course these old cities are very quaint and charming in their own right. Unlike British town centres, which I think are very similar due to the rise of the high-street chain, French cities have far more character.

Anyway, last night we spent at Deauville. Again, very pretty, but in a "playboy" kind of way. Very wet also! Alice chomped her way through an enormous portion of moules frites!

This morning, off to Amiens, a 2 1/2 hour drive away, to have lunch with our French friends, Isabelle and family. Alice was really excited to see Isabelle's kids, Robin and Tess, once again, and she met their dad, Sylvain, for the first time. Great to see them, such a shame we only had about an hour and a half wit each other. Hopefully will see them all again soon - at the very least we'll see them sometime next summer when we're in France, but it'd be good to see them beforehand.

Finally, another long drive back on ourselves to Le Havre, to catch the afternoon ferry back home.
Did the obligatory supermarket shop, so have stocked up on some of the French products we like, such as coffee, butter etc. Well, the French take some things that much more seriously...

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