Monday, 20 December 2004

The state of things

In the news today, a play has been closed down by a mob who didn't happen to agree with the subject matter. I wonder if there were any printed copies of the play? They could have burned them too.

Also, Exeter University has voted to scrap the teaching of Chemistry. citing financial reasons. A great shame. I mean, if they'd have wanted to scrap "Golf Course Management" who'd have cared? But Chemistry really is a core subject. They're also scrapping Music - not quite as core, but every bit as traditional. Seems to be purely tactical, not at all strategic. A pity.

One of the presents Alice received from Robin and Tess was a dvd of Black Beauty, with soundtracks in French and German. Suffice to say I came home tonight to some very Teutonic sounds from her bedroom. Somewhat concerning...

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