Tuesday, 28 December 2004

That time again

Needless to say, lots has happened over the last week.

Alice has been unwell, poor thing. She has a terrible cough and can't seem to cough anything up. Consequently, she ends up vomiting up phlegm, normally about an hour after going to bed. So, lots of dirty bedding. To make matters worse, she's passed the cough on to me - just one of those annoying, tickly things.
I planned Christmas well this year. I mean, Alice was easy since she's been telling us for months what she wants (i.e. everything) so we've been able to buy for her over time. As it was, we had plenty to put in her sack. Jacqueline was a different matter, however. I didn't have a clue what to get for her and hadn't actually bought anything until last Tuesday. I basically surfed the net and came up with a plan of two or three things to buy for her. Then I took a long lunch, headed up to Oxford Street with a list, and got everything sorted. All was well until I got to Hamleys, which was manic and which made me want to quit! Still, Hamleys was the second-to-last stop - on to Fortnums for some christmas treats - mince pies, crackers and christmas pudding. Yummy!

So, all the preparations having been completed, on to Christmas itself. Fortunately, save for the previously-mentioned coughs, we were all in good health this year, and have all enjoyed it immensely.

The first idea was to go, on Christmas Eve, to the "Carols Around the Crib" service at Salisbury Cathedral. Magical, Alice loved it even though she didn't know all the carols. But what an excellent way to start christmas, even though neither Jacqueline and I are religious people. (We contemplated going to Midnight Mass, but Alice is still a little young.)

As always, Alice was so excited she wouldn't sleep. Same as every other child, I guess. But we eventually heard the trademark snoring at about 10:30pm so deemed it safe to bring the presents in (I had disappeared earlier in the evening "to the pub" to get them wrapped). Knackered, we then went to bed almost immediately afterwards. As it happened, she slept right through until about 8:30am the next morning. Bit of a poor show - I remember when I was a kid I would be up at the crack of dawn! Still, Jacqueline and I weren't complaining. On the present front, it's safe to say that both Jacqueline and Alice were satisfied. Even I had some things to open, although I'd had my main present (a fleece) a while ago. Jacqueline's main present was an enormous, snuggly bathrobe. She loves it. Alice's presents ranged from a Fairy Castle, to a Disney Princess airbed, to a Baby Annabel (complete with millions of accessories).

We spent Christmas Day with Jacqueline's sisters, at Susan's house. She certainly fed us well... A nice day all around, and with Alice, Lucy and Solomon around the place it was certainly "christmassy".

As I write now, that was the last time I ventured out of the house! Boxing Day I didn't feel very well, and wasn't much better yesterday. Just a bit of a cold, but best to spend the day in a nice warm house! Same goes for Alice, although she's content to play with all of these new toys. Jacqueline did go out to the sales yesterday, into Southampton, but I'm not sure she got much. She went out early and was back by lunchtime - aparently it became really heaving.

That's about it. We'll go out today, just to make sure we get some fresh air. Very stuffy after you've been indoors for two or three days.

Oh, my mum had a white christmas, by the way.

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