Monday, 10 January 2005

Brief Update

Back to work with a vengenace. The crowds and train delays this morning were like Christmas had never happened...

I actually returned to work last Wednesday, having still not felt tip-top on Tuesday. Spent last week (and this week so far) coughing like a good-un! Last week very hectic, worked long hours to try to help the client meet some deadlines. With one of the systems (which I built for them) it is as much a matter of pride as anything, but they've also asked me to look at another of their systems (of which I have no knowledge) and really we're in the lap of the gods as to whether I can do what they want within their timeframes. Still, I've told them of this and can do no more. Aside from my personal rush, town was nice and quite and the journeys went ok.

Got an attack of cramp in my leg, in the middle of one night last week. Woke me up and completely disrupted the night's sleep for both of us. I mention it since I cannot remember ever having cramp whilst sleeping with Jacqueline, so this must be the first time for several years.

Got my finances up-uo-date last week. Every account has now been balanced up to year-end. Feels good, and once again I have resolved not to let things lapse again (I hadn't checked my personal account for six months previous). Must make an effort.

As a reward for this went to Hatchards on Friday to browse. Within about 5 minutes I had £75 worth of books in my hands, and all from just one floor. There was just so much interesting material there. I had intended buying something, since I have only one book on the go at the moment . This was a birthday present from Jacqueline, an excellent book containing a history of the Second World War, as told by excerpts from peoples' diaries. All sorts of people, high and low, from a broad section of countries. Very good book, even though I'm not very far into it.

Books bought on Friday include - a biography of Rommel, a biography of Napoleon, a wine touring book of Bordeaux, a book of the U-Boat war, and finally (a bit of nostalgia) a book on Quantum Physics. Believe it or not I used to be very, very hot at this in my college days and I am frequently dismayed when I think of how much information I have dropped along the way. Sure, I know a lot more about other areas these days, but I was very fond of my Physics knowledge. We'll see just how I get on with the book, anyway, and whether I need to go back to Hatchards next week for an A-level Maths book!

I must put some Amazon links to these books in, when I get back home.

Thinking of taking a holiday up to the Western Islands of Scotland. We already have one holiday booked this year, so the cost may well be prohibitive, but we'll cost it out in any case...

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