Wednesday, 12 January 2005

Coughing to the Coffin

Suffering with my cough at the moment even more so than ever. Last night I even managed to emulate Alice and throw my guts up. Just after everyone had gone to bed, so the noise of me wretching well-and-truly woke the house up. I cannot remember ever having such a tickly cough than it has made me sick before. I cough so violently that I feel I can't breathe. Horrible.

Anyway, now that you've been put off your food...

I got a new all-singing, all-dancing phone yesterday, a kind of belated christmas present. Very functional, it'll probably take the rest of the year to figure out how it works. Quite easy to use, it should make the "mobile office" concept that little bit easier. I spend so much time on trains that it is good to be productive and not to have to lug a laptop around with me. It was fun and games trying to get all my contacts off the old phone onto this one - I used to synchronise quite frequently between phone and pc but haven't for a while (the list doesn't change all that much). Consequently when I tried to last night I had a couple of issues, shall we say, with getting the current contact list off the old phone. Once I did it, it was quite easy to put the contacts on the new phone, although I was trying to use a Windows 2003 laptop and the software only "officially" supports Windows 2000 and XP. The only thing it didn't do was find the wireless LAN, which would be a great asset to have. So, something left to do tonight. Anyway, enough Geektalk!

Had a meeting at the client's today. Everyone wants to use me to do work for them. I suppose I should consider it flattering... I suppose it means they won't be terminating the contract anytime soon!

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