Saturday, 1 January 2005

Happy New Year

Well, a very quiet introduction to the year - we stayed in and had a quiet evening in front of the TV. That is, except for the fact that there was absolutely nothing on TV. Jacqueline played Civilisation then had a bath, I alternated between watching a film called Goodfellas (which might have been good but I wasn't really in the mood) and sinking American ships in a U-Boat simulation. Sad, I know...

Alice at least livened things up for us, since she woke around midnight and was very unsettled. Poor thing is full of cold at the moment. I ended up having to lie with her for ages, but she's a restless thing. I ended up creeping to my own bed at something past one, shivering. Consequently, I feel awful this morning too! It's just this cold thing that's going around.

Went out to the garage yesterday to have them look over the car. Fortunately, the diagnosis is that it's a fairly innocuous oil leak, but I've booked it in in a couple of weeks to get it sorted. Went over to Castle Point (Alice in tow) for breakfast, where we got a couple of essential provisions and had a quick look in the sales. Got this gorgeous white (?) bath robe for Alice, reduced to only £7. It was amazing to see lots of collection boxes out for the tsunami (they were collecting at the Panto also). People must really have raised millions for it, it shows how generous people can be in times of adversity. I must admit that being off work, I do tend not to follow the news as closely, but the tsunami was unavoidable. A a hundred and fifty thousand killed, according to the UN reckon, and probably a good many tourists in that number too. 150,000? Can one even imagine that many people? And each one with a family.... Tragic

Jacqueline was working yesterday morning, when we went to Castle Point, but we met up in the afternoon and went over to Fordingbridge for a walk along the river. I took the camera and got some lovely photos. Typical English countryside in winter.

This morning I was up and around from around 8am, despite the disturbed night (no doubt I'll suffer for it later ), I turned on the TV to find that The Great Escape was on. Excellent stuff - a "real" film for christmas! Updated the company's web site - I have a copyright notice on there and had to change 2004 into 2005. For some silly reason for the last 9 years I've always done it manually each year. Well, today I finally got around to hacking some code to change it automatically. Put all this together with the Barn lying peacefully on my lap, and it leaves me full of optimism for the new year! Not sure what we'll get up to today - it'd be nice to get out for a walk somewhere, but we'll have to see how everyone feels after last night's adventures.

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