Monday, 3 January 2005

Last Day of Leisure

The previous entry turned out to be the high-point of the day. By midday I felt very rough indeed and basically spent the day doped up lying on the sofa.

Yesterday was better. Lorraine came around, kids in tow, and we cooked a lovely Sunday lunch. The kids were good fun - Lucy spent most of the time out of sight, knocking around with Alice. The boy was fascinated by the computer, because I played one of Alice's old albums for him, the wonders of MP3. He loves Barney the Dinosaur (fortunately Alice never went through such a phase since I think Barney would have driven us mad!), so asked for it to be played over and over...

Interesting to see the contrast between Solomon (especially) and Alice. Alice has always been very wilful and independent, we were always more used to her wanting to get away from us rather than clinging to us. Not so with Solomon, who clings to Lorraine at every opportunity. There's a 4½ year age difference between them, but I'm sure its not my memory playing tricks, Alice was never so clingy. Still, I suppose all kids are different, and he isn't 2 yet. I'm just glad ours is quite independent. Also, Lorraine does seems to be a little more protective than I'd be, but of course everyone will raise their kids slightly differently. Plus Jacqueline and I have always been two adults bringing up one child, whereas Lorraine is basically one adult bringing up two children. Must change your perspective a bit...

Enjoying my last day off work today, although Jacqueline has been attempting to rush me around. She tried this Christmas Day and over the New Year, and I feel I have to resist it. Despite having a cold over the break, it really has been rather relaxing to get up in the morning and to have nothing particular to do that day. There are precious few opportunities during the year to be able to say that, and I want to make the most of them.So poor old Jacqueline will have to wait.... Fortunately, Alice has no sense of urgency, ever, and while this can sometimes be a pain it does mean she's very much on my side under these circumstances!

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