Monday, 17 January 2005


Been very quiet since my last entry, took Thursday and Friday off sick with this terrible cough, and consequently had a quiet weekend also.

Had a bit of work done on the car. For the first time I refused the garage's advice to get some work done, the car has just been so expensive over the last few months. Got the shopping from Castle Point on Saturday and by the end of it was absolutely knackered. However, we met up with Simon, Patrick and Christopher yesterday at Serendipity Sams in Romsey, and a good time was had by all. Although I thought the admission and refreshments were quite expensive, the kids stayed for a good two hours so we certainly got our money's worth. Alice's verdict was that it was better than Clownabout (in Salisbury, which is where we usually go to). Afterwards, took Alice to MacDonalds as a treat - all the while Jacqueline was doing a shift at the hospital, poor thing.

Nothing much else to report. Quite by accident I let the battery on the new phone run out. It obviously needed the rest, since when I plugged it in and turned it on, it found the W/LAN without any problems at all. So, when I'm around home, I can hit the internet through the network. Quite how useful this will turn out to be, I don't know! It's a shame I can't use the W/LAN to do all the synchronisation etc., that would be really useful, but unfortunately it needs a "traditional" bluetooth, it or cable connection. Still, the phone is still a market leader and well worth having.

Must stop writing about phones. Very geeky!

Not much happening in the world. There are claims from CIA operatives that Bush's next target will be Iran, they've staked out the targets and everything. I wonder if that will be the last straw, as far as the "special relationship" Britain supposedly has with the USA? We need a strong leader to stand firm with the rest of the world and to tell Bush that he is wrong. He may choose to ignore us, and militarily there's not a whole lot anyone can do about it, but at least we're standing up for what is right. It is very concerning, to put it mildly, that in parts of the world people who don't even know me would consider me an enemy, all because of the beliefs and fervour of a guy I do not know, I did not vote for (and will not vote for), and who I cannot (at least on my own) remove from office.

On a final, lighthearted, note - have booked tickets for Scooby Doo on stage when it visits Southampton. Alice is thrilled!

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