Tuesday, 22 February 2005

Mr Angry

Heard something on the radio this morning that made me absolutely livid. It was on the "Yesterday In Parliament" section of Today. The government's legislation to lock people up without trial apparently expires on 14th March, and yesterday they introduced legislation to renew these powers.

First of all, it seems absolutely stupid to delay such legislation until three weeks before it must be in place. There surely cannot be enough time for this to be worked through properly. Some Tories made this exact point and were slapped down by Peter Hain (the Leader of the House) as having "synthetic anger".

These proposals contain the much-heralded proposals of Charles Clarke to introduce house arrest rather than custodial detention. Is this meant to be better? They are doing the same thing as if they locked people up in Belmarsh, except they want to get away with doing it "on the cheap".

Hain, of course, is famous for his campaigning against the South African regime in years gone by. How ironic, then, that he is part of the government that is introducing the type of measures of which apartheid would be proud.

However synthetic parliamentarians' anger may be, rest assured that my anger is totally genuine.

These people are utterly contemptible.

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