Tuesday, 8 February 2005

Weekend Adventures

Well, had quite a good weekend. Saturday I went to get some new tyres for the car. The last time I went to the garage, they told me they were illegal, so I had to do something about it. Whilst I could have got them done by the garage, I saved £80 on the pair by going to this specialist tyre place.

In the afternoon, we went over to Patrick's party, and Alice had a good time playing on a bouncy castle. It looks like they also played party games (we didn't hang around, we went to the supermarket instead), and had a good nosh, so was pretty happy.

Sunday I got a lie in until 11am (I went out early on Saturday), although was awoken shortly after 8am by loud music coming from the lounge - did I mention we'd bought Alice a trampoline, which she loves to bounce on to her "Barbie Girls" CD? No? Well, maybe I was just trying to put the image out of my mind! Anyway,I had no intention of getting up that early, so lay there dozing. I felt a little sorry for Jacqueline, who'd booked herself onto an early shift. She got home in time for a light lunch, and then we went for a drive into the forest, stopping finally at Burley for some afternoon tea.

Fascinating programme on Radio 4 last night, about Malcolm X. I loved his autobiography years ago. All about how his personal papers turned up on eBay! Well, they do say that you can get anything on there... The timing of the programme was significant, since we're just coming up to the fortieth anniversary of his death. Although obviously the likes of Martin Luther King were important to the Civil Rights movement, it was Malcolm X's words that really hit the mark for me. It is a shame he's not around today to talk about what Bush is doing to Islam.

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