Tuesday, 1 March 2005

Been quite busy. The cold came back with a vengeance last week, noticed things starting to happen on Wednesday, felt awful of Thursday and simply could not face the trip to London Friday. Emailed the clients, and they were happy for me to work on a document from the comfort of my own office. It is a shame that there is such little scope for me to do work for them outside of their office. Documents are fine since everyone has Word and Visio, but when they need me to work on their systems I kinda need to be close to those systems. I know they allow some employees to do work from home, logging in remotely, but I wouldn't be comfortable with that. For a start it would mean borrowing their kit, so there would be issues surrounding insurance etc.. Plus it would mean hooking this kit up through my own office's LAN, which again is a turn off.

Anyway, felt knackered Friday afternoon so gace up, but Jacqueline wanted to take advantage of me being around to work a shift at the hospital. She needs the cash at the moment, since her tenants have done a bunk, so I couldn't really refuse. But it meant that I had to pick Alice up from school and drop her off at her after-school club. She was made-up to see me. Still feeling poorly, I dropped her off and, rather than go home, drove around in the car with the heater on full blast. Seems to have done the trick!

Saturday, Jacqueline was working once again so as a treat I took Alice to the cinema for the very first time. Not sure what she enjoyed the most - the film itself (The Magic Roundabout) or the enormous tub of popcorn that went with it! - but she definitely wants to go back.

Sunday, however, was work day. Had to go to Homebase to get some stuff for the plumbing in the bathroom. My attempt to patch the overflow leak on the bath had failed miserably using just sealant, so I basically replaced the complete mechanism, including a decent section of the waste pipe itself. A pain to do (a) because it was such a confined space (my hand got ripped to shreds trying to work in this tiny recess), and (b) because the pipework in our bathroom is unpredictable. Basically, all the bath fittings are actually sink fittings. Had I understood this from the word "go" I could have done something about it, but I ended up making two visits to Homebase and hacking a solution together. Still, it looks to be watertight so I guess I can count it as a success!

Started a game of Civilisation over the weekend. Don't play it much any more for an obvious reason - was playing the game last night and it was a quarter past one when I got to bed! Still, I have survived the day despite my meagre 4½ hours sleep. Looking forward to playing a little tonight, although not for nearly so long!

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