Thursday, 24 March 2005


Been ages since I wrote. I did start writing something on Monday but got interrupted...

Last week and a bit has been quite hectic. I have been developing a new version of an application I delivered to the client, and that was released onto their live system a week ago. On the whole it has gone really well, although there have been some teething problems with it. To add to that, they've asked me to get involved in some of their other projects, which themselves have deadlines. So I've been rushing around like a mad thing. It's great for the company, unfortunately the work is dull, dull, dull...

Last weekend was quite quiet, although the weather had really turned "springy" so we actually rode to the next village on Saturday, which was gloriously sunny. The back road to the village is currently closed - they're plumbing in a new house half a mile down the road - so there was no traffic at all. This massive exertion was Alice's idea, in fact. Unfortunately she managed to fall off her bike at least twice (not got the hang of the brakes yet!), and got really spooked when we got close to the village, and had to ride on a road where there was traffic (albeit light). Still, the mile or so was covered in just over an hour (!) and we arrived just in time to get some ice cream from the village shop. It was obvious that Alice wasn't going to make it back home, so after the ice cream I sped off back home, and put the cycle rack on the car. I went and picked Alice up, while Jacqueline then rode home. We all had sore bums on Sunday!

Sunday was very quiet, Jacqueline was working a shift. Thereon, it's just been work, work, work. But it is Thursday lunchtime now, I'm here at the clients until 3 o'clock and then it's a four-day break for Easter. Plus, my mum's coming to visit, which Alice is certainly looking forward to. Hopefully get a couple of coveted lies-in!

Must hit the local bike shop on Saturday - I noticed the tyres on my bike are a bit perished. Still, the bike is about five years old (it's my comfort bike as opposed to the racer), and I've only ever done small bits of maintainance on it, so I can't complain. Also, I need to stock up on a couple of innertubes each for Jacqueline, Alice and myself, in preparation for our Centerparcs trip. Must draw up the shopping list...
Also need to get out in the garden this weekend. I almost got there last weekend, but not quite. The lawn has been a-growing over the winter. Could also do with clearing out the garage a little... Never a dull moment, except at work!!

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