Sunday, 27 March 2005

Easter Bunnies

Seem to have survived Easter.

My mother has been staying with us since Thursday, and without wanting to speak too soon (she's here for another week yet) things are going well. We're normally well and truly fed up with each other by now, but she doesn't seem to have been as bad this time.

Of course, she still comes out with her twaddle. Today, at lunchtime, we were driving in the car and I happened to mention to everyone to look out for pheasants. My mother chirped up that we wouldn't find any at that time of day, since they only come out at certain times. (I didn't bother asking where she expected them to "come out" from!) Anyway, I was grateful when, just a couple of minutes later, we saw a brace standing by the side of the road. But she seems to have "old biddy itis" - very negative about absolutely everything, often with no first hand experience of the thing in question.

But still... Good Friday we went to Hockey's farm, who were having an open day. Good fun, saw lots of animals though not really many more than usual. Nice to get out though, and glorious weather. I then drove into the forest where we stopped for an afternoon drink at the High Corner Inn, one of our favourite forest watering holes. Of course, Alice liked it because not only did she get her favourite drink (J2O) but she also got to play on the climbing frames for half an hour.

Yesterday, we just headed into Salisbury for breakfast at David Browns, and got some stuff for the bikes - new brake blocks for Alice's bike and new tyres for mine. Got home and fitted everything. Also spent some time in the garden - the grass got its first cut of the year and the lawns look much the better for it.
Today, Easter Sunday, I didn't expect many places to be open so we headed into Southampton and as a special traet for Alice, went over to Leisure World to see the new Winnie the Pooh movie. She seemed to like it, although I think it was aimed at kids younger than her. Not as good as The Magic Roundabout, which we saw six-or-so weeks ago. Still, she had her popcorn and drink so was quite happy.

Tomorrow, we have an Easter Egg hunt. I've never been to it before, Jacqueline normally takes Alice. But I think I'm expected to tomorrow. Also, I've got a load of bills I need to pay by the end of March, so need to set up all the instructions tomorrow. And a VAT return.... Loads of fun!

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