Tuesday, 29 March 2005

Easter Monday

Productive last day's holiday. Yesterday, went to the Easter Egg Hunt in Downton in the morning, with Alice and Grandma. Alice, needless to say, found many eggs, and I'm proud to say I helped the cause by finding six eggs for her. (These eggs are the really tiny ones, about an inch in length. They scatter them all over the place and the kids go out and find them. They give the toddlers a head start so everything generally ends up fairly distributed.)

Afterwards, we walked along the riverbank and I took some photos - it's about the first time I'd got the camera out this year. The river still looks quite wintry, although in the meadows some flowers - daffodils especially - are starting to bloom. For lunch I heated up some boeuf bourgignon that I made on Easter Sunday, and we polished that off along with a big plate of chips!

In the afternoon we headed into Romsey, to treat Alice to a play at Serendipity Sams, which was amazingly quiet. So much so, that as we went in they told us that they were going to close early because it was so quiet. So an hour and a half suddenly became three-quarters of an hour. Still, there were only two other kids to share the place with, so Alice ran riot. I even managed to join her and we played together, climbing about. Great fun - and very tiring!

Thereon to the big B&Q in Southampton - I bought a hedge trimmer from there last year, and in the process of getting the thing fired up after the winter, I appear to have lost some of the nuts and bolts which attach the engine to the body. A real pain in the neck. At each of the four corners of the engine, there is a spring, bolted at both ends, to ensure everything hangs together correctly. To ensure a grip, square nuts were used.

Anyway, I went to B&Q to get some replacements, but could I find them? These places may turn over millions but it is a real shame we don't have such places as ironmongers any more. I eventually saw something on Screwfix which looked as though it may do the trick, but since it was described as a "roofing bolt" I'll have my doubts until the stuff actually arrives! It really is galling to have a hundred-and-fifty pound piece of equipment put out of action for the lack of a couple of penny nuts and bolts!

On into London this morning, to visit the clients. I have all the bank statements today to go through and prepare the VAT return on the way home. Lovely job, although it should be quite cheap this time since I have most of last year's expenses to take into account.

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