Monday, 14 March 2005

Quiet Weekend

Nice weekend. Went over to the High Corner Inn, out in the Forest, for lunch. Followed by a visit to Hockeys farm shop and a mooch around Ringwood. Chilled out evening - we watched the Sky Premiere, which was called Bad Boys 2 (Will Smith), which was quite entertaining. Very Schwartzenegger-esque.

Sunday met up with Simon and his kids at Serendipity Sams. Alice had a play for about two and a half hours while I chatted with Simon. He's obviously got time on his hands at the moment so has been looking into share dealing, amongst other things. I dabbled a couple of years ago in this (when I had some spare cash - a long time ago now!), but couldn't get a buzz out of it and lost interest. I just ended up buying some shares that I still have today. His conclusion - which sounds about right to me - is that in order to make a lot of money you need to start with a lot of money. In other words, sink your money into safe investments rather than "get rich quick" schemes. Hard to go wrong...

Anyway, on to MacDonalds for supper, and back home.

Felt quite tired this morning, but the cats woke me up in the night. And thought on this morning about all the things I didn't do over the weekend. Better do them tonight. But they mostly involve paying money to people so a good idea to put them off for as long as possible!

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