Wednesday, 9 March 2005


Interesting last few days.

Saw an excellent game of football last night - Chelsea vs Barcelona. A real cup tie! Chelsea must have really come sprinting out of the blocks, going 3-0 up in 19 minutes. Then Barcelona pulled two goals back before half-time (Ronaldinho scored a cracker), to put them ahead on away goals. Finally Chelsea sneaked a winner with about fifteen minutes to go, followed by relentless Barca pressure. I don't really follow football these days but it is a pleasure to watch a really good game.

Been reading quite a bit with Alice, although it is very frustrating since a lot of it just seems to bounce off. We'll read a word, and she'll eventually know it. Then, we'll turn the page and see the same word, and we have to start over. It could be that I read with her just before bedtime and that she is tired, I don't know.
More work coming along from the current clients, which is good, at least from a business perspective. Shame it is dull, but then that is the nature of the beast with these guys, so the only way to cure that will be to find new clients. Still, am currently working on an internal project (hush, hush) which will, er, make dull days more entertaining, courtesy of the www. Shall say no more.

Got to pay for the summer holiday in the next few days. Megabucks, but what the hey?

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