Wednesday, 13 April 2005


Been an age since I wrote an entry, entirely useless of me. And, if fact, a lot has been going on in the world, even though my own life is just ticking along.

The pope died. Lots of fuss about that, I must say one of the downsides of the world of 24-hour news channels is the tendency to almost manufacture things to report. He had been frail for a long time and was eventually 84 when he died. There appeared to be mixed feelings about whether or not he'd done a good job, depending on whereabouts in the world you were. He is remembered fondly in Britain, but I gather in Brazil (the world's largest catholic country) he was seen as too conservative and out-of-touch.

Talking of conservative, or even Conservative, Blair has called an election for 5th May. It had been widely leaked, even to the point where campaigning appeared to have started before the actual announcement.
I feel in a bit of a quandry about how to vote. I don't believe a word Blair says, plus there's the Iraq factor - I can't vote Labour. Then you have the Tories - again, I wouldn't trust Howard, and again there's the Iraq factor. Let's not forget that the Tories wanted us to invade Iraq too - and they were purely opportunistic when Tony faced the heat. Nope, can't really vote for them either.

So that leaves a bunch of single-issue parties, and the Liberals. Well, I think my constituency is target number 30 or something for the Liberals, so it might even help their cause if I were to vote for them. (My constituency is probably considered a "safe" Tory seat, if there is such a thing these days.)

Plus, one of the top things for me is constitutional reform - Parliament has got to have sufficient power that it can buck the will of the executive if necessary - so again the Liberals may be a good bet.

The debate between the two main parties, however, is currently focussing on taxation. Tory scares that Labour will raise taxes straight after the election, Labour scares that the Tories will cut services after the election. Same old, same old... Doubt in practise there will be much difference between them.

Aside from this, we survived Grandma's visit. Alice said some horrible things to her while she was staying, but of course was sad once she'd gone. I hope this is just a phase, because she can say some really hurtful things to people, and doesn't seem to give a monkey's about it.

The day before Grandma went home, we went for an excellent 2-mile walk out in the forest at Bolderwood. Lovely. Obviously the weather was sunny and warm (in general its very changeable at the moment). i also noticed some cycle paths so have bought some OS maps of the area. It'd be nice to go out for a cycle picnic in the summer, perhaps.

Went to see Scooby Doo in Southampton last Saturday night. It was a bit crap, and the souvenirs were a complete rip-off (£4 for a program, £4 for a flag, £2 for a bag of sweets), but the kids liked it (we took Patrick also). I think we'll need to limit theatre visits to once-a-year for the panto.

Life at the client's much the same. No immediate prospect of anything changing.

Have rediscovered a game, Championship Manager, which is currently taking up lots of time travelling to and from the client's site. Engaging game, a pity it takes so long to load and save things.

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