Friday, 29 April 2005

Sunny Days

Well, it's Friday afternoon and Monday is a bank holiday in the UK, so everything is winding down. Plus, it is sunny, and the forecast for the weekend is also sunny.

Agenda for the weekend is mixed, however. Tomorrow the plan is to go to the Cuckoo Fair in nearby Downton, while I need to wait in on Sunday because I've got a Sky engineer coming round. One of these things where they won't give a time, so we may end up waiting all day for the guy. Still, at least it is on a Sunday. Monday, we're off to Jacqueline's flat to clean the carpets - after that the flat should be vaguely habitable so she can get some new tenants in.

Jacqueline was over there cleaning stuff up today, and came across a large stash of porn, so she says. Not just your regular porno mags, either, by the sound of things, but some contact magazines. She said she couldn't resist looking through one of them just to see whether the tenant was in them - he wasn't, but his wife was!!! The mind boggles...

It really is deflating to find out that other people have so much more eventful lives than we seem to. On that subject there was a story in the Times (and the Metro) yesterday about so called "daisy chain" parties among teenagers. Intrigued, I found out that this basically boiled down to adolescents and group sex. I mean, where was all this when I was eighteen???

Had to deal with an unpleasant mamber of the client's staff yesterday. This idiot asked me to do something - not even something that I am contracted to do - and I tried to help him out. I gave the necessary instructions to the necessary people which would have fulfilled his requirements to the letter. Only thing was, what the guy asked for was not in fact what he wanted, so what he got was not what he was expecting. So, he had a go at me. I tried to be professional, and manage to keep my cool and back away, but dealing with utter idiots is very annoying (as you can tell by me writing about it a day later!). As a consultant I try to act with professionalism, and find that the best approach is just be spongelike and soak these things up. Had I been an employee, I doubt he'd have asked me for help again... Irritating.

So, soon be the weekend.

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