Tuesday, 26 April 2005

Time flying

Again, being lax with the log. Still, you haven't exactly missed anything.

Last weekend went over to Jacqueline's flat in Bournemouth. Did I mention that her tenants did a runner leaving the place in a terrible mess? This guy appears to have been a bit of a con merchant, there was piles of mail there - red bills, disconnection notices, letters threatening legal action from people he'd ripped off. Left the flat in a complete mess, to boot, smells of cigarette smoke.

Still, we opened the windows and put down a load of Shake'n'Vac, although I suspect we'll need to shampoo the carpets properly. And, of course, all this while it is sitting there empty so is therefore costing money.
Sunday we met up with Simon and his younger boy, Christopher, and headed off to Paultons Park. Had a good day and were very lucky with the weather - despite forecasts of showers the rain held off until almost 5 o'clock, which was when the park closed anyway. Alice is now at the stage where she'll happily run off and go onto rides on her own, which has its good and bad points. At one point I was looking for her and saw her in the corner of my eye - on the second row of a rollercoaster! Good fun, although the more she gets, the more she wants. Despite filling up five hours there, she still moaned because there wasn't time to fit in a couple of the rides - rides which were designed for babies in any case. Still, I bit the bullet and forked out £60 for a season ticket for her, so hopefully she'll get the benefit of going there several times during the summer holidays, after school etc.

Work is.....work. Although I haven't been too hot on looking for new business lately, to my discredit.
Thought I had found a good voting site, howtovote.co.uk, which looked interesting at first glance. However everyone I know who has gone through it has been advised that the Liberals are the party that most closely resemble their views, so I'm not sure their "engine" is totally impartial. Still, good fun.

Also, have found another web site which is fascinating, Nation States. You set up a "nation", and gradually evolve the laws of the nation. They post one issue per day for you (for example, more police on the streets), and you (as the government) decide whether you agree, disagree, or don't care. And so your society gradually evolves. Very nicely done - my country is currently described as a "Liberal Paradise". Good fun!

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