Saturday, 28 May 2005

Discovery Time

Alice was so excited she eventually went to bed at 11 last night! I think its fair to say we all slept well, Alice particularly - she didn't wake up until gone 9:30am. For me, I woke up quite early and was off exploring on my bike by 8:15, had a 45 minute ride. I found a deer park and a kids' play area, both quite a way off the beaten track.

Once Alice had surfaced we ventured into the dome for the first time. Beautiful, a lovely swimming pool. Alice was at home straight away and it was great to be swimming around all these palm trees etc. Plus, of course, the weather is beautiful again today so the dome was sunny, bright and warm. Alice found some sand pits and a kiddies slide - I found a deck chair! Then, we headed back into the main pool just as the wave machine was starting...

Probably one of the best swimming pools we've ever been to, although I'm not sure whether it is as good as the Centerparcs at Longleat (which we visited a few years ago when Alice was very small).

Keep hinting to Alice to go out on her bike, but she hasn't bitten yet... She has no confidence at the moment .
This afternoon - well, we'll have a bit of a break first. Then, off to see the farm (which is by the merry-go-round), and if all goes to plan we'll get a pedalo on the lake outside.

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