Tuesday, 31 May 2005


Interesting day. Jacqueline was going to come swimming with us for the first time during the holiday, but we had a row so she decided at the last minute not to. So, Daddy has to take Alice once again. The only thing is, Alice has been to the pool a few times now and knows what she likes to do, etc. Basically, dicking around in the big pool. She won't go on any of the slides, or the outside part, just likes to play in the big pool. Which means that I am constrained to be there also, generally within a few yards of her. So, I get cold and fed up very quickly...

A quick lunch, then dropped Alice off at the Kids Club for her afternoon session, then went straight out on a bike ride, still without bothering to speak to Jacqueline. Excellent ride, a 26km triangle (see the route - basically the roads overlaid in green. Centerparcs is roughly by the red "10" on the D35) - from Centerparcs I headed west along the D35 to Chaumont, then south on the D123 - through some beautiful forests - toward Nouan. Took a left to head eastwards into Lamotte Beuvron, past the autoroute exit along the way. Then back on the D35 to Centerparcs. All told took just over 2 hours, although that did include stops in Chaumont to take some photos, and in Lamotte for something far more important - a cold beer. Really pushed myself toward the end, and arrived back ot the cottage feeling quite sweaty. Only one mishap, when the chain came off completely - I'll have to look at the gear allignment properly, but for today just made sure I got the chain back on.

So, a quick shower then back to the dome to pick Alice up. Her treats continued - a couple of goes on the carousel and a half-hour play in one of those indoor play centres (Clownabout, Serendipity Sams), then a burger for supper at the on-site burger joint. Burger ok, but overpriced as is all the food here. Jacqueline came along for these also.

So now am very weary. Sitting down on the sofa, not sure if I'll move again tonight! Very much Jacqueline's turn to take Alice swimming tonight. Full day tomorrow, going to get the train to Paris to meet up with Isabelle, Robin and Tess.

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