Friday, 13 May 2005

Let's hope we've turned the corner with Alice. Last night she seemed quite well, good-humoured, and had a bath with me. Then, despite her objections, we made her sleep in her own bed and again, despite strenuous protests, we made her take a dose of Calpol, and a dose of Ibuprofen before bed. The result was a quick story, then asleep five minutes afterwards and for the whole night.

The only disappointing thing is that we have to bully her so much to get her to do these things.

This morning, however, she did wake up quite early (6-ish) and was grizzly once again, so she's still not quite right. We still kept her off school today, but hopefully the worst is past. We've got no plans for Sunday so hopefully if she's feeling well enough we can go out somewhere.

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