Friday, 20 May 2005

Man about Town

Getting ready for the weekend. Alice seems a lot better, but was awake last night complaining that things hurt. Poor thing.

Weekend will be spent finishing off the floor in the loft, I did some measuring earlier in the week so that should be straightforward, I can cut the stuff before I lift it up there, also the fact that I'm dealing with smaller boards will make them easier to get up into the loft in the first place. Once they're up there, its really just a case of banging some nails in.

Also, did I say I'd managed to break a window in the garage? Well, its true. I need to sort that really. I phoned up a glazier who wants to charge me £10 for the glass, plus £35 for fitting it. So I think I'll buy some putty and see how it goes!!

Was thinking of taking the family over to Exbury Gardens tomorrow, although the forecast isn't good, so I think we'll need to play it by ear.

The news is positively full of George Galloway at the moment. He was in Washington earlier on in the week to testify to this senate committee. Most (US) commentators were surprised at how adversarial he was, and certainly they thought that the senators were surprised. I think one commentator said that he "won by a knockout". I heard that the senators accused him of being "evasive", but I watched his testimony on the web and I think that this is clearly not the case. The one answer he evaded was whether he thought it was wrong for one his charity's benefactors to be involved in oil dealings with Iraq, and frankly this issue is immaterial to whether or not he personally gained from Iraqui oil. As Galloway himself said, they really have nothing on him.
Then, guess who was on Question Time last night? Yes, the man himself. Of course the question came up about his trip to Washington, and he seemed to have a lot of support from within the audience. Also on the panel was a nameless minister, who put the government's case most unconvincingly. In fairness, there were five panelists roughly split four against one, but she didn't fight her corner well. Possibly, as someone at the client's mentioned today, these people all have one eye on the Labour leadership, and are slowly but surely distancing themselves from Blair. A great shame that Galloway did/could not remain within the Labour Party, he'd have been a very credible alternative to Blair. Still, as was the case with Ken Livingstone, maybe he'll be welcomed back into the fold one day, although he was very forthright last night in calling Blair a war criminal. it is difficult to see it happening presently, although I think that the Labour Party must shift toward the left at some point.

My Orwell books arrived the other day - I now have a stock of about ten books to read.

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