Monday, 30 May 2005

Monday..... have to force myself to think of the day since all days kind of blend together here.

The last 24 hours have been quite grey and cold - it even rained overnight - although the sun is shining once again now. The days are settling into a kind-of routine. Pre about 9am I have the place to myself - Jacqueline lies in and Alice it still asleep. The previous two mornings I've gone out on my bike but because of the inclement weather this morning I didn't bother. I had a Turkish Bath then just cycled to the bins to drop off some empty bottles, and to the dome to get some morning bread.

From about 9 until 10 is breakfast, then from 10 until lunch we've gone to the dome so that Alice can swim. Lunch is around 12 until 2, then from 2..... well, the routine kind of dies there. But we do generally squeeze in another visit to the dome at the end of the day. Yesterday we stayed until almost closing time (9) and it was excellent - very quiet.

Yesterday afternoon we drove across country to Cheverny, the weather just about held for our visit. The countryside here is either forest or agricultural. Believe it or not, asparagus seems to be the thing! Cheverny was lovely - no connection at all with the "royal" chateaux like Chambord and Chenonceau. Just seems to be a magnificent house whose hard-up owners decided to open their doors to the public. But beautiful nevertheless, pre-revolutionary France really boasted some beautiful architecture, furniture etc. Just a shame it lay in the hands of sufficiently few people that they felt the need to revolt!

Anyway, after Cheverny we went for a drive (although raining by now) and checked out Romorantin. We didn't stop, since of course it was Sunday. Quite an unspectacular little town, although we did sneak a MacDonalds for supper there! Just about digested it when we got back for our swim.

Been following the French news a little. They voted quite significantly against the proposed EU constitution. Something like 56-44, with a 70% turnout. In fact, it looks like they've done some quite sophisticated information gathering around the vote, able to determine which geographic areas voted for/against, also looks like some data on professions - blue collar, white collar etc. Geograhically, only Paris, Bretagne and the Pays de la Loire voted "for", the whole rest of the country "against". Places like Picardie, Pas de Calais were very strongly against - I wonder whether that had anything to with immigration!!!

Also, there have been riots in, of all places, Perpignan. Cars wrecked. I did pick up a paper (Liberation) today so must have a read later to find out why. I'm sure it must be more than a referendum!

Well, just finished lunch now so time for a little siesta, I think. Alice is safely out feeding the ducks. The plan for the rest of the day is a visit to Orleans. Also we need to find a supermarket some place to replenish our supplies.

Booked Alice into Kids Club tomorrow afternoon, and for a pony ride Thursday. Did I mention I saw a red squirrel on my walk yesterday? First time I've seen a red one since my childhood, on holiday in Wales.

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