Wednesday, 11 May 2005

Poorly Alice

Alice is still suffering - Jacqueline took her to the doctor's yetsreday and the doctor is now happy that it isn't mumps. Apparently the conversation went something like, "Well, I'm not too sure what it is, probably a viral infection of some kind, but at any rate it doesn't look serious". And that was it. Alice was sent home, and in fairness she spent most of yesterday as if nothing was wrong with her.

Last night, however, was a replay of the last week - Alice in agony with her arm, now also her neck. We tried to get her to sleep in her own bed (for the first time in a week) but it all got abandoned at half past one, when she went to sleep with mum, and I ended up in Alice's bed again.

Even this morning, Alice was very clingy (by the time I got up she'd moved to the lounge sofa), and of course she wanted me to stay with her rather than to go to work. I think if I were a perm employee of someone that's probably what I'd have done. But of course the downside of being a consultant is that if I don't turn up, I don't get a pay cheque. So I just have to live with the guilt feelings instead...I suppose it is all part of parenting.
The agenda for the weekend is becoming clear. Go down to the timber merchants early Saturday morning, to get some chipboard for the loft. At about £6 per sheet, I'll probably get 8 sheets to start with. Then, to try to lay them in the loft. Finally, to install some network points up there (the boxes and the tool arrived yesterday).

Hopefully, should not take too long to get all this done. Quite looking forward to it, since it would be a whole lot more useful than what I'm doing with the clients at the moment. But then, of course, it turns into an expensive operation if we're talking about lost consultancy fees.

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