Sunday, 29 May 2005

Settling In

Yesterday went to plan. Very hot, pedalled arount the lake for half an hour, absolutely tiring. Jacqueline and I got to paddle, while Alice got to enjoy the view. She later said it was boring, ungrateful little...

After the pedalos we took Alice to the merry-go-round, then on to the indoor play area, while we had a drink - never was a beer longer or colder!

A little break, then back to the pool for an evening session. We found the "outside" part of the pool, exactly like Longleat. Brilliant once again, although Alice was a little scared of the outside part. We met mum - who in the meantime had tried out the cottage's Turkish Bath - at 7:30pm, ready for a "Mahgreb Buffet" in one of the restaurants. Unfortunately the restaurant in question had been booked out to a private party, so we settled for pizza instead. During the meal, there were two definite votes (and neither from me!) to come back again next year.

Being objective for a moment, this place is very pricey. Last night's meal was almost €50, £35, say, and Alice only had a starter and a kid's dessert. OK, Jacqueline and I had proper ice cream desserts (Cafe Liegois and Poire Belle Helene respectively), but even so... Plus, there is a kid's toy/clotihng boutique here which stocks only designer things. Alice saw a lovely puppy toy there bit the price was a massive €29. So of course, you have to say "no".

Anyway, back to happy things, Alice and I walked over to see the fallow deer after supper, which was a good way to end the day. I just wish we could entice her onto her bike for once. Still, by walking we saw lots of rabbits scurrying across the roads, even a little mouse doing whatever mice do at twilight. Lovely - this place must be animal heaven.

This morning I was up early while the house slept. I showered and was out for 7am, as the rest of Centerparcs slept. Really good to go around the place when it is deserted. Today is also very good weather so great photography weather - I took about 60 photos this morning, none of which had people anywhere. Plus, the sun was rising above the trees so got some good "foresty" snaps. Ended up at the dome, which again was deserted, so took lots of interior photos, again unpoluted with people. Finished off just after eight getting a couple of baguettes and cycling back to the cottage for some breakfast on the patio.

Rest of cottage still asleep.

When everyone finally awoke, they were pleasantly surprised with (a, Jacqueline) a pot of freshly-brewed coffee, and (b, Alice) a yummy tarte au citron Thereon, the story of the morning has taken place at the dome - for Alice and I at least. A nice 2-hour swim, during which time Jacqueline went on another bike ride.
This afternoon the plan is to head over to Cheverny - more photographs I am sure!

Oh, forgot to mention phoned Isabelle last night and plan to meet up in Paris Wednesday. Alice will be excited to see Robin and Tess once again.

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