Monday, 23 May 2005

Woke up this morning, only to find something strange on the radio. Ignored it (well, I was half asleep), turned the alarm off and headed into the shower. Then, when I got into the car to go to the station, there was a programme on about Dizzy Gillespie rather than the usual Today programme. Something definitely not quite right! As it happened, I was driving to the station when the 7 o'clock news came on, and the top item was that BBC journalists were on a 24-hour strike. All became clear, except I wasn't sure why it was OK to have a newsreader, but not a news programme. Some things in this world are just beyond comprehension. Must check the Beebs website later - wonder if all the pages will be blanked out 'til tomorrow?

Had a mixed weekend. Finished laying the floor in the loft Saturday, then escorted Jacqueline over the Hedge End, because she "needed some new clothes". Did not manage to get to the glaziers to get the pane of glass sorted, but it is an internal pane anyway so it is not critical. Sunday, managed to get the lawn cut in between quite heavy downpours. Also, we had a lot of washing cluttering up the place, so I took my turn at some ironing in front of some Spanish football on TV. Very exciting...

Arsenal won the FA Cup at the weekend. I didn't bother watching it, but did catch some highlights on Sunday. It looked like Man Utd completely outplayed them, although it was goalless right through to the penalty shoot-out. It is the first time the competition has ever been determined on penalties.

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