Monday, 6 June 2005


Time for a very brief entry. It is early Monday morning, I'm sitting with most of the cases packed around me. Not a great deal to do now.

Heavenly here at this time of day, it really is so quiet. We've lost the glorious weather, though


Sorry, had to break off there. We have just had two enormous (free-range!) turkeys around to visit. Far larger than anything I've seen before. Fortunately we'd saved some bread for the ducks, but these guys have certainly made their presence felt. Wouldn't like to make one angry!

As I was saying, the beautiful sunny weather of yesterday morning turned overcast, and it was against that backdrop that we visited Chambord, probably the most magnificent of the chateaux but that's because of its size more that anything. It certainly is not as beautiful as, for example, Chenonceau, but makes up for this with its imposing skyline. Slightly more "authentic", I supppose, because this was the country seat of many of the country's kings. One hears of Louis XIV, but really the only way to appreciate the decor this guy surrounded himself with is to see it for oneself.

Weather started to break on the way back to Centerparcs, although fortunately Centerparcs itself had quietened down a little. It looks like many people disappear from here on Sunday night. Avoids taking a day off work, I suppose.

So we headed for the pool for one last hour's swimming. It is a bizarrely good feeling to be sitting in a warm outdoor swimming pool, with cold rain falling on one's head.

So, back to the cottage for the final time, to pack our things. We did a fair amount of this, but are so on top of it that we called it a night about 11pm. (Alice still awake.) Up early this morning to get some bread and to bring the car round, ready for the trip up to the coast today. Weather still awful. 13 degrees on car's thermometer - 20 degrees cooler than when we arrived!

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