Tuesday, 7 June 2005


Wonderful day, spent in Dinard. Despite the torrential rain we had yesterday, today we woke to clear blue skies and brilliant sunshine.

Took a late breakfast, then back to the room in time to see today's Portsmouth ferry depart. We got our act together and took the cliff path into Dinard (we're in the Novotel on the Pointe de la Roche Pelee, a couple of kilometers walk from the main town).

Absolutely beautiful scenery, a really interesting coast line with rocks and cliffs interspersed with beautiful sandy beaches. And - it is pretty much deserted. Excellent views across la Rance to St Malo - I just hope the photos do it justice. One can see why this part of the world is called the Emerald coast - where the water is deep it is very much blue, but in the shallows it gains a beautiful green tinge. The only place I can remember seeing a coastline like this was on a school holiday to Greece, one one of the islands.

Anyway, we arrived in the main part of Dinard, the Plage de l'Ecuse at about 12:30, enough time to have a brief mooch around the (small) town before taking lunch - Moules frites for the only time on this holiday.
A further walk back to the hotel, through the streets this time since it is shorter, and into the bar for a refreshing cocktail. Next, on to the Plage de St-Enogat, which is five minutes down a beach path from the hotel, from where I am writing - the wonders of the Nokia Communicator!! The plan is to spend a couple of hours down here, before going back to the hotel's pool. This evening we'll drive into St Malo for our meal - we ate at the hotel last night which was okay but not "gastronomique" enough for the "astromonique" prices!!
Clients finally coughed up today. Avoided going overdrawn by just £160. I suppose one could call it "good timing".

I have concluded that relaxation is inversely proportional to driving. Although I would like to see more of Brittany the decision to stay close to the hotel was definitely good. Dinard and the surrounding coast is very beautiful. Jacqueline is even talking about buying some property here. We'd love to invest in a French property instead of Jacqueline's Bournemouth flat. But the quandry is that we'd have to go south to get a better climate, which of course means increased travel time. But to find somewhere not just on the northern coast, but a stonesthrow from ferries from both Portsmouth and Weymouth, would be great.

In short, a superb way to spend the last day of the holiday.

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