Friday, 17 June 2005

Faux Pas

I should have said in my previous entries that since we picked the twosome up after the holiday, the Barn is looking remarkably healthy. Very sleek. Must be two weeks of having an absolutely controlled diet I suppose - where we are they get out into the fields and could end up munching on anything, for all we know. True to form at 4:30 this morning one of them had obviously brought something into the house, which had got itself out of their clutches and taken refuge under the telephone table. I got up to see what the noise was, but I'm afraid I left whatever it was to fend for itself, my beauty sleep being far more important.

Undesirable episode with the clients yesterday. I got the feeling I was being sounded out about expanding my role some. I was somewhat guarded in my response, and they picked up on this. I must admit such conversations make me uncomfortable. Strictly speaking I like to take a business approach, in other words you draw up an agreement which says you will perform services "x" for the client, in return for renumeration of "X". And everything is nice, straightforward and clear. But what do you do when the client turns around and asks you to perform services "x + y" as part of the arrangement? Plus, of course, there's got to be some leeway here - if you're too rigid then they're not going to be your client for very long.

Anyway, I'm beginning to waffle so will shut up on the subject.

Enjoying the current book a lot - I'm reading the Callaghan bio currently. Making up for all the reading I didn't do on holiday.

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