Wednesday, 15 June 2005

Get into the Groove

Very much back into the groove.

Been back at the client's since Friday, and the tasks are starting to pile up. Good that I'm so popular...
Got all of the holiday photos onto the site. There are a couple of good ones but I do have trouble taking "level" pictures with this camera. Especially where there is a horizon, the pictures often look lop-sided. Now, of course, I'm paranoid when I take pictures with the thing!

Downloaded some software at the weekend which will allow me to copy my DVDs onto the computer, the same as I did with the CD collection. Found some information on the web about good formats to store the resultant files in, and have settled on DivX. Apparently compresses down to only 10% of the original, and from what I can see the quality isn't bad. Takes a long time to rip the DVDs, though - a two-hour film took five and a half hours to convert into a DivX file. Of course, you can see how easy it is to use this software to abuse copyright - the software is quite happy to rip copy-protected DVDs, with only a messagebox warning along the way. From my perspective, though, I already own the "license" by virtue of having bought the DVD in the first place. After all, the actual pyhsical DVD isn't what costs the money, what yoiu're buying is the license to view the thing. Whether Sony would agree or not is, of course, a different matter!!!

Incidentally, finally decided to do this because (a) it'll be excellent to have all our films and music on a single hard disk, and (b) have just ordered a new "Mary Poppins" because Alice has well-and-truly trashed the original. I've also found out that the "Dumbo" disk is unreadable also. Maybe we should try one of those "magic cleaner" kits?

Anyway, this has started taking a little of my time and a lot of the computer's time.

Went to Exbury Gardens on Saturday. Disappointing. It's mainly a rhododendron garden, and they'd already flowered this year. Walked around a little further but Jacqueline complained that she was cold so we didn't stray too far. Ended up not staying there long, and heading off to Beaulieu for afternoon tea instead.
Sunday, met up with Simon to go to Serendipity Sams, ended up going to the Haywain at Cadnam for lunch, then back to Simon's for birthday cake and a game of football with Patrick in their back garden.

Lovely weather over the weekend. Saturday clouded over a little but still bright enough for a barbeque in the evening, as we had on Friday too. Been lovely since then too, although was foul this morning. Cleared up now, though, good for the garden.

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