Wednesday, 8 June 2005

Homeward Bound

Well, holiday nearly over. We drove over to St Malo last night and had a meal in a small pizzeria. It turned quite cold - even moreso within the walls of the old city - and the restaurant was small and cosy. Alice managed to eat a whole pizza, while I had veal in a delicious mushroom sauce.

We drove back to the hotel for a nightcap in the bar, just in time to watch the sunset. For a short time the sun looked like a giant peach resting on the water, until it sank beneath the waves. Fortunately I had the camera with me, so have a half dozen lovely photos.

Just getting into bed when Alice reminded me that I'd agreed to go out to see the lighthouse. Because there are so many hours of daylight at the moment we hadn't yet seen it "lit up". So, clothes back on and out onto the terrace. Fortunately it was now sufficiently dark that we could see a red blink out to sea, as well as various other illuminated buoys.

Had a disturbed night with Alice, who got us up at 2:30am because she had a really itchy back. She's had a really good time on this holiday (she keeps on thanking me for it!) but I think all the swimming has taken its toll on her skin. (We went in the salt water pool of the hotel yesterday afternoon, which I personally thought was terrible.) Still, she finally settled and we got some sleep.

Alarm went off at 7:15am, and had a quick shower before going outside onto the terrace, where I watched our ferry heading into St Malo. Difficult to believe that in just a few short hours we'd be on it.

So there we are, having packed our bags and taken breakfast, we departed the hotel and drove to the port. Ferry, fortunately, very quiet and Alice has spent the last hour and a half playing in the kids area. I did hire a Commodore cabin for the crossing but that may turn out to have been a waste of money, certainly Alice would quite happily spend all day in the communal areas.

Took some final, beautiful, photos as we left port. Good view of Dinard and of the hotel. For now, all I can see is sea, but at least it is nice and quiet (and flat calm by the looks of things).

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