Friday, 10 June 2005


Ah, Friday. Back to normal. You'd never have known I'd been away except for the fact that I've got a slight tan.

Arrived home as planned on Wednesday evening, following a quick visit to the Co-op to get some overnight supplies. Got Alice to bed - very reluctantly - for about 9pm. She was due in school on Thursday. It was nice to sleep in my own bed once again, although not quite as nice as sleeping in the bed in the middle of France!
Thursday, Jacqueline took Alice into school while I went to pick up the twosome. Barney was very displeased at us - howled most volubly on the way home - but soon appeared to forgive us once we'd given him a fuss. Jacqueline and I then headed off into Salisbury for some breakfast, then to do a grocery shop. Back home for lunch, the washing machine doing overtime in the background. Weather very sunny, but cooler than France.

Quite relaxing not to have to work on the first day back off holiday, although I did need to sort through my post - we've had phone, gas and electric bills since we went away. Also, I mowed both lawns. Then I had to pick Alice up from school. But apart from that, very relaxing!

Back to the client's today. Forgot my travel ticket, so had to pay for the ticket. Then, to cap it all, the clients weren't expecting me until Monday. I almost turned around and came home again!!

I must, however, keep fueling the resolve to find some new clients.

Could not resist yesterday looking on some of the ferry web sites to see about a day trip to St Malo soon, but either I couldn't find the right carrier, or they no longer do day trips. Jacqueline went on a day trip to St Malo just after we met, but when I looked yesterday all the crossings took at least five or six hours, making a day trip impossible.

The last day in Dinard has made an impression on us, I think. It would be lovely to return there or thereabouts.

Over the weekend, must sort the photos out and get them published on the web site (I've already published the diary entries). Also, we hope to visit Exbury Gardens and to meet up with Simon at some point. I'm keen for Alice to either go swimming or for us to take the bikes out, just to keep up the exercise trend going.
So, in retrospect, I have to say that this has been the best family holiday yet. To assume that we will do the same sort of thing next year seems a no-brainer, although there may be scope for going to a different Center Parcs (perhaps in Belgium). We'll have to see. To be honest I'd be happy to go back to the same place, or perhaps the other French park in Normandy.

France remains as magical as ever, although certainly the "holiday" element contributes to this. Compared to England there is so much space. We're very fortunate to live close to the New Forest, surely one of the most beautiful parts of the country, but there simply isn't the space that exists in France. Also, my French has been very good this holiday, I have spoken it well and more importantly have been able to understand things said to me moreso than ever before. Fortunately this same impression has long since rubbed off on Jacqueline, and seems to be rubbing off on Alice.

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