Thursday, 2 June 2005

On yer bike

Had a good "rest of day". After a restful lunch we basically bullied Alice into going out on her bicycle. She was very nervous at first, but all went well so her confidence is now that much better.

We headed off to the Experience Factory at four o'clock, for a kids' disco that never happened. To make up for things we had, you guessed it, ice cream sundaes. It was lovely just to sit there, outside in the shade.

Once the time came to head back, we only came back to the cottage for long enough to pick up our swimming gear, then we went off to the dome for a mega-swim. Must have been a good two hours in the pool. Stayed almost exclusively in the outside part, to catch the evening sun. Plus, since we were a threesome, both Jacqueline and I were able to go and "do our own thing" for short periods. Alice, unbelievably, took a shine to a small pool of really cold water. Absolutely mad, but she loved it.

They had the "official" photographer in the pool, so we got our picture snapped, turned out excellent. Brilliant idea for a money-making scheme. This guy snaps away on a top-notch digital camera. Presumably, as he fills memory cards, he drops them off at the office, where they are loaded onto a central computer. Then in the foyer of the dome, they have machines from which you can view all the photos, and for a fee print them out. Its not cheap - €5 for a 6 x 4 print, €7 for a 7 x 5 print, so they make their fair share of money out of it, but an excellent idea nevertheless.

Back to the cottage for just after 9pm, ready for a Jacqueline-inspired supper of chicken chasseur, all fresh ingredients thanks to a visit to the on-site supermarket earlier. Not sure what we'll do tomorrow - I've suggested Chenonceau, but we'll see.

It was very hot today, I think we've all caught the sun. Jacqueline currently taking every opportunity to display the bruise which is forming after the pony kicked her. I am unpopular since I said it was her own fault for standing at the wrong end!!

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