Tuesday, 21 June 2005

Summer Sunshine

Been a few days since I wrote. Fortunately all seems to have quietened down with the client, no more being mentioned after the other day.

Beautiful weekend, weather-wise. Also, we did a lot. Jacqueline was off both days, so Saturday we went to Compton Acres, towards Poole, which was lovely and relaxing. Even Alice enjoyed herself, especially when furnished with an ice cream and a walkie talkie to keep in touch. The gardens were excellent, and it was surprisingly quiet. A shame that you can hear the traffic on the road from within the gardens themselves. After we left, we headed over to Castle Point to get a coffee, and to do the weekly shop. BBQ Saturday night.
Sunday, it was very hot. We went over to a kind-of Diner for lunch. We'd never been there before but they put flyer's in Alice's school to advertise one of these big climbing frames etc. We're looking for someplace to hold her birthday party, and thought that this could be the place. Very new, only been open three weeks, and although it was a big on the small side, there was also an outdoor area in which kids could run around. The food, however, was pretty lousy. It was basically very slow in arriving, and very fried! But for kids parties, the menu is basically burger/nuggets and chips, so how badly could they screw it up? And, if its slow, I'm sure the kids won't mind because they'll have longer to play. So, it could be a go-er.

After brunch, we headed up to Hale for the school's fete. They held it on the green, which basically offers no shade whatsoever. Sweltering. We hung around for half an hour or so, long enough to allow Alice a go on all the stalls, but quickly came back to the relative coolness of the house. They had a kids' tombola which I think was really dumb. We were all very pleased because Alice picked just four tickets and got two winners. However, when we unwrapped the prizes, they turned out to be no more that large coffee jars filled with sweets. I mean, in an age where they worry about childhood obesity and where we have to watch our own child very closely, surely they could have showed a little more imagination?

BBQ Sunday night (we like barbeques!). By the time we ate it had cooled a little so we even ate outside. Lovely.

Had amazing trouble getting Alice to do her homework. Anything vaguely educational is just a big turn off for her and a big headache for us. I hope she starts to tune in soon. I wouldn't mind, but all she had to do was write about the last time she went to the beach - something of which she has very recent experience. It should have been easy but by her own reluctance she turned it into a very painful exercise.

Have been continuing to rip my DVDs onto a computer, although as stated previously it is a slow process. I think it'll be a couple of months before I get all of the disks backed up. Also, yesterday, our new DVD Recorder arrived! Whoopee! It is last year's model, so although I bought it new (i.e. unused) I got it significantly cheaper than the current equivalent model. I settled on the Panasonic model, it won some "best of breed" award for 2004 (their latest model has won best-of-breed for 2005), so I figured it had to be halfways decent. Basically, it is the lowest-spec model in their range. We didn't need a hard disk, even the timer functions will be redundant, because the Sky box has all that nonsense. Good old eBay!!!

Investigated the hose pipe situation at the weekend - I had two hoses, but both of them are now leaky. Jacqueline bought a hose set last year from QVC (why?), which we'd never plumbed in. Alyway, the upshot is that I need to throw the old hoses out and to get a couple of parts to bring the hoses up to scratch! (I should say that I found all this out because Alice has a hopscotch game into which a hosepipe is plugged, and which squirts water out. Just the ticket on a sweltering Sunday!!)

I don't know. When I look back to when I was a bachelor and had my little flat, whoever would have thought...

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