Thursday, 21 July 2005

Car woes

Very fed up again yesterday. Funnily enough quite busy at the client's, I've build some enhancements onto one of their systems and it is due to go be finished soon. Ended up staying in town until gone 7pm last night, didn't get home until 9:30pm.

Found out yesterday that the clients are recruiting again, and it did cross my mind that it could well be to replace my services. We'll see I suppose. At least that would have a galvanising effect, even though it might mean financial hardship until I could find some more clients.

To top it all, as I was driving home last night the Oil Pressure light went on in my car. Fortunately I was about a minute's drive from a petrol station, so bought some oil and poured it in the engine. I looked at the manual for the car and it basically said to stop the car immediately if this light went on. Still, once I'd fed the oil in the light stayed off, and although I was a little concerned about making the journey into Salisbury this morning (travelling with 5 litres of engine oil in the boot at the moment!) I got to the station without any mishap. I'm taking it over to the garage later tonight for them to look at tomorrow, so it hasn't got to struggle for much longer. Can't help thinking that something pretty fundamentally bad has happened to it, though, which obviously means expense. Last time I took it to the garage the bill was £2500, and I just can't afford this kind of money at present.

Maybe, as Jacqueline says, the time has come to sell the car... But what to buy in its place?

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