Monday, 18 July 2005


Getting very lax with entries once again. Back from an interesting weekend. Beautiful weather, I spent a lot of time either gardening or clearing out the garage, resulting in lots of waste. I took a trip to the tip last might to get rid of the garage waste, but there is still easily a skipful of garden waste on the driveway. And there's more to come - I've only cleared the patio and the driveway so far. The plan is to tidy the front garden - including the Magnolia tree - and the back garden also. Plenty of work ahead...

In other things, work with the clients hit a new low last week, when I found that they'd forgotten to pay me. Fortunately they corrected it, but in the intervening week all of my accounts went overdrawn, and I had a letter from the bank on Saturday saying that they'd bounced a direct debit and had charged me £25 for the privilege. You can't even blame them for it, since it is just the rules on the account. It is purely the client that has caused the hardship.

When I found that the client hadn't paid their invoice, I decided not to go up to town that day to work out what to do. Trouble is, you're only really penalising yourself, because you know they will pay, even if it is a bit late. So staying away doesn't really mean much more than a day's lost fees. Still, spent the day gardening instead.

We went over to Mottisfont Abbey last weekend. Beautiful weather and a lovely place. On the spur of the moment Jacqueline decided to enrol us in the National Trust for the year. So, you can guess what we did this weekend!

Yesterday, I was up early to clear out the garage. We'd already decided to go out for a picnic (bought lots of nice "picnic food" on Saturday), but I left it entirely to Jacqueline to decide where we should go. She just told me to be ready for midday (which I almost was). And so we left, very organised (Jacqueline even did an Autoroute route map), for Stourhead Gardens, over toward Warminster. Again, lovely weather and a really beautiful place - very "Brideshead Revisited". Excellent picnic under some trees (surrounded by ducks), followed by a decent walk around the gardens (we followed a 2-mile trail).

At the end, however, the day was spoilt. Right at the end of the walk there was a pub, and on such a hot day I was looking forward to a nice pint of shandy. Unfortunately as I was at the front of the queue Alice had other ideas, and started messing with my camera. I got a little stressed at seeing my expensive camera being pulled apart, and hurriedly returned to the table to rescue it, thereby losing my place in the queue. I certainly wasn't going to queue again (several people had entered the pub just behind us), so I ended up walking out of the pub, very annoyed. I didn't speak to either Jacqueline or Alice for the rest of the day (Jacqueline, of course, takes Alice's side when I start getting angry with her, so as far as Alice is concerned she hasn't done anything particularly "wrong".) Unpleasant journey home. Hot and thirsty. you have to as a family I eventually let things slide, although Jacqueline is still hacked off with me.

Have finally completed backing up DVDs to the computer - a massive 150GB later. I've put the files on a network drive, and although Winamp has a bit of trouble playing movies over the wireless network, the dedicated DivX software had no such problems.

Finally sent off MicroCrest's Annual Return today, about a month late. Wonder if anything will come of it? Would have done it a week ago, but as I've said I couldn't write their cheque since even the company account went overdrawn.

Finally, have discovered an oil leak on my car. Must book it into the garage. More expense.

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