Friday, 26 August 2005

Isnt it Ironic?

Well, lots has been happening lately. Ironic that I blog a lot less when there is lots going on than when not much is happening.

I think the last time I was just looking forward to a weekend on my own. Well, that happened and as expected was very tranquil. I actually got lots done, and it was great not really speaking to anyone from Friday evening until Monday morning. Well, obviously I spoke to Jacqueline and Alice on the phone, and the woman on the checkout, but you know what I mean.

That would have been two weeks ago. Last weekend we headed up to London for a mate's (Hermit) wedding. We came up Saturday lunchtime and spent the afternoon in Kinghtsbridge, including an hour in the Natural History Museum, which Alice seemed to enjoy a lot. Then we headed over to east London, to the hotel where Hermit's reception was.

Interesting experience - the hotel was really quite plush, and was billed as four-star, but the area was absolutely dreadful. Basically sitting amidst a load of waste ground that obviously they thought would be redeveloped but which never really happened. Still, despite this the reception was excellent. For Jacqueline, she seemed quite happy. For me, it was great to catch up with a load of the guys I knew from a previous client. Reminded me how much I enjoyed that role (or at least all bar the final part of it). Alice, however, surpassed us all. Dressed up to the nines in a new party dress and glittery slippers, she basically danced non-stop from 7:30pm to 11:00pm, endearing herself to everyone in the process. In particular the bride, complete with flowing white silk gown, was a massive hit for Alice. They got on like a house on fire. So, Hermit is Indian and his new wife is Polish, so its fair to say there was quite a bit of cross-cultural interaction! Great fun.

We stayed in the hotel overnight, then on Sunday headed off. To make a weekend of it we dumped our stuff at Left Luggage, then went back into central London, over to Covent Garden. Haven't been there for years! Alice loved the street performers, and she found a Disney Store there so we got has a small present. Train, then back in Salisbury for around 5 o'clock.

Been very busy at the clients the last week - plenty of people on holiday so always more to do. Still, have had several cold calls from agents this last week or so regarding new business, and this without me going anywhere near any jobs boards. I must tune in with Jobserve over the weekend to see if I can't get something more architectural rolling.

On the home front, things aren't looking too good for Barney. I think his time might be near. We've hardly seen him for the last few weeks, and when he has appeared (every couple of days or so) he's had a bite to eat and a sip of water, and he's gone back out. And he's really been wailing, too. Continually. Anyway, I got him in last night and he quite contentedly spent the evening on my knee. But he has lost so much weight over the last three weeks or so. We kept him in overnight and this morning I found him sitting in the cat litter. He seemed quite content with everything, but.... This morning Jacqueline said she'd let him out once again after he'd cried to go, but she thinks he's on his last legs. Whether he's eaten something that has finally done for his kidneys, I don't know.

Jacqueline has suggested taking him to the vet's, but I know if we do that then there will be only one outcome. I suppose it will all depend on whether he seems to be in pain or not. If he can stay close to home and eat and drink and rehydrate himself, then all well and good. But when you see how vivacious Maisie is, poor old Barn is like a ghost in comparison.

The sad part of living with animals, I suppose.

Looking forward to the bank holiday, although I'd like to spend some time working and pushing my document scanning project forward.

Did I mention I'd written a Su Doku solver? Well, I have and am currently testing it (very lethargically). I'll put it onto the site once I've tested a hundred or so puzzles. But it highlights that the problem of actually creating the puzzles is far more interesting, so maybe that's the next step?

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