Wednesday, 3 August 2005

The Morning After...

We survived Alice's birthday intact. I left the client's earlier than usual to get back to Salisbury for 6:30pm, then we all met up at one of these Brewers Fayre family pubs. Meal was cheap and cheerful, while Alice (in between Bangers and Mash and Ice Cream) played in the large play area. Turns out she got quite a few good presents in the end, and of course was very happy about it all.

My mother has decided to go adventuring, and got me to print off about seven bus timetables for her last night. We're in quite a remote remote location, but there is a bus stop about a mile away which has several buses each day into Salisbury. Aside from that, a walk of probably 2-3 miles will get to the main A338, where one can pick up buses southbound, to Fordingbridge, Ringwood or Bournemouth. But basically, the bus isn't an option where we live. Except if you're my mother....

On reflection, it would have been good to take some time out to spend with her, but unfortunately the finances don't allow that at the moment - as it is, I'm working for the tax man already this month.

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