Thursday, 11 August 2005


Well, Thursday is here and I'm looking forward to a weekend "off" - Jacqueline and Alice are headed over to Jacqueline's mum's today for the weekend, which means I have a weekend of peace and tranquility ahead. And more gardening, I hope.

My mother flew home Tuesday, having first gone into Southampton to pick up the bag she'd mislaid from John Lewis's Lost Property section. Despite her flight down being around two hours late, the return flight was only fifteen minutes late, so maybe flying is not such a bad option after all.

Spent most of yesterday "ticking over" at the clients, only to be faced with a major problem late in the afternoon. Left their site at around 8pm and was not home until gone 10pm. Still, it is all money.

Did I mention I was in the process of replacing a shredder that had gone wrong? I was less than pleased because when I investigated exactly what had gone wrong with it, it was simply a case that one of the plastic cogs in the gear mechanism had got a broken tooth. Fine, I though, Pennies to replace. Unfortunately, even though these machines can cost hundreds of pounds, it is not possible to service them. Fellowes (the manufacturer) basically said that they'd replace it if it was under warranty (it wasn't), otherwise tough luck. The machines get shipped as complete units from China, and that's all there was to it. Anyway, I need a shredder so the choice basically became to get a cheap machine, so I wouldn't care if things went wrong, or to get a more beefy machine which might last longer. I decided on the latter (just this once), and we'll see how long the thing lasts. Because this is seen more as a Departmental shredder it comes with a two-year warranty as opposed to the standard one-year warranty.

Oh, and did I mention that I'd got a colour laser printer for the office? Basically got fed up of mediocre results from the old inkjet. Looks good so far - to be honest I don't do a lot of printing but when I do, its for invoices etc. so I can't really be sending out smudged and discoloured inkjet pages. And they have become so cheap...
So, that'll be some purchases to claim on the VAT return next time around. That'll be the first time for a couple of years!

Football season has started, so there will be something to veg out on in front of the tv once again!

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