Tuesday, 6 September 2005

Back to School

Well, we've been over a week without the Boy. Alice hasn't really talked about it over and above the initial event. Still quite sad for me. Maisie is being very affectionate - Jacqueline says it is because she knows and is sad, I tend to lean towards her being glad Barn is out of the picture! I always had the impression that she "tolerated" him more than anything else.

Had a blazing row Saturday night. I was fed up of Alice continually being cheeky so smacked her, of course Jacqueline took Alice's side. It is little wonder our child feels she can act as she pleases.

Power cut Sunday night for ages, thunder and lightning although not particularly bad, I thought. Still, we made the excuse to go out to eat. Power still off when we got home, so lived by candlelight until bedtime. Looks like there was another glitch last night, since I set something to run overnight and it crashed at about 4am.
Back to school this week for Alice. Many reports of malady on Monday morning, but apparently when she saw her old mates again she was as happy as Larry.

On a downer once again with work. The clients seem to be throwing the most awful work they can find my way. Still, I suppose if I were them I'd do the same... I suppose they realise I'm fed up and are just chucking all the grunt work at me until I quit. It is a shame that this particular relationship is both the most menial I've had and also the longest I've had as a consultant. I can't help wondering if my best years are already behind me, and at 37 that is scary! And on top of it all, one tries to be professional!

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