Friday, 9 September 2005

Unhappy Alice

End of the week, but the weather has just taken a turn for the worse.

Alice back to school this week, although she seems unhappy already! We knew that her teacher for this year was quite strict, which we think will be good for Alice in the long term but might cause friction in the short term, but we'll have to wait and see whether that's the only problem.

Currently she's complaining that some of the boys in her class laugh at her because she trips over a lot (she is rather clumsy and has very small feet for her age), and are calling her "stupid". Plus, she has been talking to Jacqueline a little about Barney. Things like "I want to go to heaven because then I can see Barney again". I mean, I'm sure that it is unwise to read too much into these rather black things, given that she is only six, but it is patently obvious that she's not a happy bunny at the moment. We'll have to do something to try to cheer her up at the weekend - we could always visit Paultons, or if the weather looks particularly horrible we have some tickets somewhere to get us into Wookey Hollow caves.

Not a lot else been happening. Just work, really. We talked about going away for a cheapie holiday over half term - a cottage in Brittany for the week would have been nice - but the cost of channel crossings are prohibitively expensive just for a quick jaunt, now that Brittany Ferries own the monopoly. We were looking at a week away costing upwards of £550, with over half of that being the crossing itself. Unfortunately at the present time, that kind of money doesn't constitute "cheap" in my book. So I think we'll just give it a miss. In any case, I think Alice's idea of fun would be to play with next door's kids all week. We'll see...

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