Thursday, 27 October 2005

Castles and Castles

Back to medieval times today, we headed over to a place called Carew Castle, where we'd booked Alice onto a costume tour. A great idea since it meant that Alice had fun doing the activities (writing using quills, playing with dough and brass rubbing) while we got to look around the castle. All this happened quite early by our holiday standards, so by the time the event had finished we were ready for lunch.

Off to Pembroke, a charming little town completely dominated by the castle. Had a superb lunch at a pub called the Kings Arms - gammon. Enormous portions, though, it was like being back in America. Trouble is, you end up eating it all...

A walk around Pembroke, then headed back. Skipped Pembroke Dock (seeing a dock didn't appeal!) but headed back via Milford Haven. Strange, because the properties on the way in looked lovely, but this just belied the total ugliness of the town itself. The plan was to stop for a coffee, but apart from the fact that Alice was naughty once again, we simply couldn't find one that was open. So, homeward bound...

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