Monday, 31 October 2005


So yesterday was essentially back to normality. Terrible night's sleep Saturday, despite the extra hour (clocks went back) - Jacqueline kept on kicking me for no apparent reason. Finally slept well towards morning, and woke up to find I was in the bed alone. Jacqueline was on the sofa - apparently she too had a bad night, kept on kicking me to try to stop me snoring! Well, I know who I believe...

Out early to pick up Maisie, who was looking well and who seemed happy to be home, then out once again to pick up some shopping. Home by midday and spent quite a lazy day thereafter. Jacqueline headed up to the library at the hospital, leaving me and Alice. Alice spent most of the afternoon painting, which meant peace and quiet for me. Did a little tidying and sorted some of the holiday stuff (nothing too strenuous) and watched some football on Sky.

Back to the client's this morning. I went in later than I'd expected because when the alarm went off at a quarter to six, it seemed far too early for any decent people to be out of bed!

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