Wednesday, 26 October 2005


Wednesday the forecast wasn't good, so we planned a quiet day. After the obligatory trip to the Post Office (Alice got to see the lady's kitten this morning!), we set off to walk to nearby Musselwick Sands just before lunch. This promised to be a quiet, secluded beach, since the only access was via footpaths across fields.

However it was not to be - shortly after leaving the road and heading across a field full of sheep, the heavens opened. The wind was sufficiently high that all three of us had our backs completely drenched. I had on a pair of jeans which didn't stand a chance! (Fortunately on my top half I had my old, trusty Barbour jacket, which kept me, and everything in the pockets, bone dry. Upon realising that there was very little chance of finding cover, and seeing that the remaining path down to the beach was essentially a mudbath, we had a family conference and decided to abort the outing. So, retracing our steps, we headed back to the cottage, and of course the south-westerly wind which was blowing toward the sea then drenched our fronts! I couldn't have been any wetter if I'd just got into the bath. Anyway, after an uncomfortable trudge back to the cottage (Jacqueline was so wet she just burst out into fits of laughter), we arrived back at the cottage, stripped out of our wet clothes and got both the central heating and the woodburner going. Must have ended up looking like a Swedish sauna!

So, suffice to say a quiet afternoon, although Alice and I did venture out at tea-time to see Wallace and Grommit in the cinema in Haverfordwest, a quaint little place nestled amongst terrace houses, still with traditional "stalls" and "circle" sections. Excellent film, too, Alice enjoyed it immensely. Jacqueline, meanwhile, had the place to herself for a while to catch up on some much-needed studying.

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