Thursday, 3 November 2005

Autumn at Last

Very much back into the groove with respect to the clients. Been juggling around four or five issues since I got back into their office. On the plus side, it appears that there has been a breakthrough with the contract, with the client seemingly recognising the difference in the reality between inside- and outside-IR35 relationships, and saying that they are willing to structure the paperwork accordingly. I suppose that whilst all these negotiations are a hassle, they do drive out the issues and it does protect me against typical IR claims that clauses in contracts are "shams", if ever there is an investigation. So there is currently only one sticking point, with the agency and to do with parity between us in terms of termination clauses etc. Hopefully they will give way on that and we can get on with the work.

Having said all that, the marketplace seems very active at the moment, so perhaps we'll be talking about contract negotiations again sometime shortly...

Weather has turned autumnal. The Weather Station I bought, and subsequently had to return to Germany because it was duff, has still not been replaced. Very slack. It highlights the dangers of buying from eBay, really. Whatever saving I made from buying it through eBay rather than from a bricks-and-mortar shop have pretty much been wiped out by the fact that it cost me £30 to send the bloody thing back. Plus it is now something like six or seven weeks since I actually "placed the order", which of course is totally unacceptable these days

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