Tuesday, 8 November 2005

Maisie and the Mint Matchmakers

Before I forget this, I must mention that we found out at the weekend that Maisie likes mint-flavoured Matchmaker chocolates. Unbelievable.

Further rioting in France, spreading to both Rennes and Nantes, both of which we know well and like immensely. The French government is bringing in curfews, it appears. A shame really that France is not governed by New Labour, which seems intent on giving the Police the power to hold people without charge for up to ninety days. That would sort out all these rioters, wouldn't it? Absolutely disgusting.

On the same subject, there are posters on the Tube at the moment by the TV Licensing people, to the effect "Use your computer to visit our site before we use our computer to visit your site". Very Big Brother-esque. And I couldn't help noticing when we were in Wales that daytime tv was running ads to the effect "Make sure you eat less than 6g of salt a day". This really is invasive, who on earth do these people think they are?
I wonder what Orwell would have made of all this? I wonder how strong the comparisons are with 1930 Germany? This really worries me since it shows the state getting larger and larger, stronger and stronger, to the detriment of individual liberties.

I must tie a knot in my handkerchief to write Isabelle to get her take on what is going on in France.

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