Wednesday, 21 December 2005


This time really takes the biscuit - nothing written for almost six weeks!

In reality, life has been quite quiet. The build-up to Christmas is well-and-truly in full swing, but otherwise things are trundling along as ever.

Alice's presents are sorted, and Jacqueline's present was sorted long ago, so the only thing left to do is to wrap them. Last weekend we did the obligatory trip to grandparents - though on this occasion we flew for the first time. Very impressed with the flights (FlyBe, we arrived early each time), less so with the Rental Car company (Avis) who stiffed me around £25 on the small print. Fortunately it wasn't a lot of money since we hired a small car for just a couple of days, but proportionately it was about 40% of the total, so quite large. Still, we live and learn - I'll just not use Avis again ...

Apart from this, the visit was a success. I felt quite fresh because of the enormous saving in travel time so we seemed to visit lots of relatives. For me a little bit tedious - their conversations revolved around "family" and who looked like whom - but Alice enjoyed exploring their houses. We visited the museum in Liverpool on Monday, Alice seemed once again to enjoy herself immensely.

We arrived back in Southampton in time to meet up with Jacqueline and to do the christmas shop - cost twice as much as normal, but it is christmas, after all. So now it is just a couple of days more at the clients and then off until January. Whoopee!

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