Thursday, 22 December 2005

That reminds me...

Couple of things I forgot to mention yesterday.

The Weather Station is going well. Have had some teething troubles. The Rain Collector has kept on falling over. It is free-standing atop a water butt at the moment (and working) but I need to sort it out over the christmas break. I really need to tie it up to a heavy slate or something. I wouldn't mind but there's an ideal spot on the root for it, but unfortunately it is totally at the mercy of the wind when I put it there. Also, I had everything set up to record in km/h, for no particular reason than it is the most natural unit for me to grasp. Unfortunately this resulted in some unbelievably high wind speed readings - 150km/h or so. I resolved the problem by having the Weather Station read in m/s instead. I think either the station itself, or the "reader" software was getting confused - getting a value already in km/h but thinking it was m/s and converting it. I did say I'd try and get to the bottom of it, although now that it seems to be working it is a case of summoning the willpower...

One of the observations of my visit to Liverpool. A small, subtle thing but worth recording. We went into Liverpool City Centre on Monday, and as we were driving back out we were in a queue if traffic on one of the arterial roads. The marked Police car in front of us decided, without signal, lights etc., to turn left at some traffic lights. The lights had "No Left Turn" signs on them. Just reinforces the notion that they (the Police) believe that there is one law for them, a separate law for everyone else. As I say, it is a small thing but it insences me when these people - who should set themselves up as shining examples for others to follow - blatantly flout the law. A pity I wasn't sharp enough to note the registration number of the car.

Stopped off at Fortnum's last night to get the Christmas crackers. Everything in full swing now.

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