Monday, 30 January 2006


Lovely walk over to the client's this morning. Although the weather was very dull, I decided to walk by the Eye, across Westminster Bridge and past Parliament through St James's Park. Just before I went through the park I happened to catch some army band or other (the guys with those enormous fur hats!) playing along and marching out of Horseguards. Certainly helped me to keep up a rhythm!

Past St James's Palace, and down one of the side streets they were repairing the road and the street smelled of tar. Now, tar has a special memory for me. Probably one of my earliest memories, that is my first day at school, aged 4 and a bit. They'd just finished re-laying the playground, I think.

Quite a pleasant weekend, we went over to Bath on Saturday, just for a change. It was quite strange because there was a rugby match on, so we were walking through the shops and could hear periodically the roar of the crowd. I didn't end up buying anything (probably just as well) although Jacqueline and Alice found a teddy bear shop.... We got the train, which Alice enjoyed immensely.

Also on Saturday I booked the summer holiday. For the first time, we've booked to do basically exactly the same as what we've done in a previous year. So, we're off to Centerparcs in La Sologne once again, to be followed by a four-day stay up in Dinard. We did have to rethink, however, since the grade of cottage we wanted was no longer available. Last year was excellent since the cottage had two bedrooms, each en-suite (one with 2-person jacuzzi, the other with a steam bath). We had satellite tv and a maid service. This year we'll have to make do with somewhat less... The cottage is the same size I think, but without any of the "frills". Of course, the holiday was that much cheaper as a result - I saved around 25% - but that's not really the point. On the positive side, I keep telling myself that the "plus" with Centerparcs was not so much the accommodation as the whole environment, which of course we will still have. I just hope we don't find it not-as-good as last year and are therefore disappointed.

Still, I am looking forward to paying a visit(s) to La Grenouillere once again!

Note for future reference - book Centerparcs before christmas!

Sunday, we didn't really have a lot to do. Did the weekly shop - doing our best to fill the new fridge! The weather was sufficiently pleasant for Alice to go out on her bike - she's mostly riding on stabilisers still, but I'm trying to wean her off a little at a time.

Not a great deal else going on - its just that time of year, really.

On the business front, I'm looking at whether it will be viable to start building and selling computers. It appears to be something of a niche market, at least for the type of computer I'm looking to build. Waiting for parts at the minute.

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